The Centre for Museum Studies (CDM) is based at the Department of Education – Roma Tre University and was set up in 1994 with the aim of encouraging a more targeted use of museum heritage in Italy, especially for educational purposes. Therefore, the Centre has always developed research in the field of museum education, with a specific focus on visitors’ needs and expectations looking for a match with each museum offer.

CDM is institutional member of the Committee for Education and Cultural Action (CECA) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) (since November 2011).

The Centre has worked on joint projects with over fifty Italian museums for studies on museum visitors’ profile and on the relationship between education and heritage fruition. It has also carried out projects for designing educational programmes in cooperation with many international institutions.

National and international recent projects

CDM has signed convention agreements in order to carry out joint research and teaching activities with the following national bodies:

– CoopCulture (Società Cooperativa Culture)
– Links Management and Technology SpA
– Fondazione IDIS Città della Scienza
– Technological District for Cultural Activities (DTC)
– Lazio Region
– Zètema Progetto cultura s.r.lMost recent European projects where CDM acts as a partner institution:- OpenVM Opening Education for Developing, Assessing and Recognising Virtual Mobility Skills in Higher Education (2017- 2020)– CRITHINKEDU Critical Thinking Across the European Higher Education (2016-2019)

– EURODUALE – European Cooperative Framework for Dual Learning (2015-2018)

– DICHE – Digital Innovation in Cultural and Heritage Education in the light of 21st Century Learning (2015-2018)

– EMEE – Eurovision Museums Exhibiting Europe. EU Culture Programme (2012-2016)